Permanent Professional Development

Since 2005, NAREA has partnered with Reggio Children to bring the voices and experiences of Reggio Emilia educators to North America. We value the opportunity for North American educators to engage directly with a variety of persons from Reggio Emilia. Our in-person conferences engage community hosts, include small group discussions, atelier experiences, and visits to Reggio-inspired schools for young children. At the start of 2022, NAREA has organized 40 conferences in 22 communities throughout the US and Canada. Conferences and exhibitions have seen the participation of 300,000 educators and advocates.


Conference Archive


Scheduled Dates

June 23—25, 2022 | May 6, 2022

Registration for the 18th NAREA Summer Conference is now closed. If you would like to join the waiting list, please email:

As additional capacity may become available, we will reach out to confirm your interest in joining us. We are thrilled to be back in person collaborating and learning with the educators from Reggio Emilia, Italy and we hope to see you soon!

Annual Conferences

A NAREA Initiative in Collaboration with Reggio Children



To Be Announced



June 23–25, 2022 | Atlanta, Georgia



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Fundamentals of the Reggio Emilia Approach

Orienting Values and Principles

For educators who are early in their encounters with Reggio Emilia’s philosophy and experience, fundamentals offer orienting values and principles.



April 8, 2022 | April 22, 2022 | May 6, 2022


Tailored Initiatives

Discussion Groups

From time to time, we are able to offer post-conference opportunities for continued discussion and exchange.



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Author Talks

Informal Discussions

Periodically, authors who have written articles in Innovations are available to further discuss the contents of their articles.


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