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Associate Director of The Roberts Field Elementary School


The Roberts Field School

Start Date: May 3, 2021

Description, Responsibilities, & Duties

Studio Creative Play Inc., a Park Slope Brooklyn based arts and education nonprofit, is seeking a full-time Associate Director for its progressive, independent elementary school, The Roberts Field School. The position is entitled “Associate Director,” as the new leader will work regularly with the Studio Creative Play (SCP) and Roberts Field School (RFS) Founder-Director in the fundamental leadership of the school and will supervise the full-time school site program.

As an organization and community, we are seeking a strong, highly experienced, and knowledgeable leader with a creative mind, who couples their wisdom and competency with warmth, humor, patience, and perseverance. This new leader will work constructively in tandem with the Director and Founder of SCP and RFS, as well the leadership team and staff, to ensure the daily and year-long success of the school’s offerings and mission for every community member.

This position is ideal for an educational leader who is eager to grow professionally and is inspired to take on a field of responsibility supervising an extraordinary elementary school community.

Our Mission
The Roberts Field School unifies academics, creativity, and nature through interdisciplinary education, promoting a more peaceful, just, and innovative world.

Our school and organization’s quality and reputation has been built on an unyielding devotion to our mission, and the holistic success of the mission in the learning and lives of families, students, and staff. A new leader will be able to fully embrace and support the mission, vision, and philosophical approach of SCP the organization, and the extension of the organizational culture into the academic, creative, and community experience of the Roberts Field School. They must be passionate about:

• progressive education
• social justice in education
• peace-based educational initiatives
• the growth of culturally and racially diverse classroom populations in independent educational centers
• equity in education for all children

It is preferred that the prospective leader have elementary teaching experience within a progressive approach, and that they hold strong beliefs about the importance of arts, music, and nature as fundamental building blocks of interdisciplinary education.
Salient characteristics and qualities that we hold as necessary strengths of our leadership approach are calmness, clarity in communication, and the ability to inspire others. As a community that functions mindfully and compassionately, we most need these characteristics of compassionate and mindful communication embodied through our directors. The Associate Director must be an excellent listener and communicator, and have well-developed conflict resolution skills. They should also be a model of integrity and fairness, and have high ethical standards. New leaders for our school must also bring aboard some of their own vision for school building and growth, in order to further the school’s holistic development from their own area of expertise and care.
Leadership in our organization holds the role and responsibility of nurture, care, and guidance – of directors, teachers, parents, and students. Our leaders must feel ignited by upholding the physical, socio-emotional, and educational environment that best serves young learners. They must possess steady measure and deeper understanding of the full perspective and scope of the family amid the school sphere.

We are a relationship-based and kind body of people and organization in which to work. We want to bring positive growth and capacity to the lives and professions of all who join us. We seek professional alliances and partnerships with those of a like-minded value system, who are similarly motivated in their working partnerships.

The new Associate Director will be stepping in to take over full-time daily operations and supervision from the current SCP and RFS Founder-Director. The Associate Director will have year-round, full-time, off-site support and guidance from the RFS Founder-Director in their new role.

Along with the full-time leadership team, the Associate Director will oversee the full daily on-site operations of the school, and will also supervise all leadership, staff, teachers, and classrooms. The Associate Director will also be given a tremendous partnership through the unique values, strength, insight, structure, and creativity through which she has created, built, and led the organization as a whole.

With the guidance, support, and collaboration of the Founder-Director, here are key roles and responsibilities of the Associate Director:

• Supervises all Roberts Field leadership, teachers, and staff in the daily operations of the school, its programming, safety, care, and quality assurance.
• Upholds the strength, consistency, and implementation of the mission in all areas of programming and organizational relationship.
• Consistently directs and evaluates the academic goals, programming, and full scope of all learning curriculum for the kindergarten through 5th grade classrooms to best determine and ensure quality and efficacy.
• Offers support to parents and families related to necessary educational guidance, including any conflicts or complexities with the school, staff, classroom, student’s learning difficulties, and special needs.
• Envisions, promotes, and activates new educational and creative horizons and learning spheres for the school.
• Promotes and offers engagement of the whole school community through special events and programming, and offers tours and orientations for prospective families.
• Assists in the interviewing and hiring of educators and staff.
• Protects the body, mission, and spirit of SCP-RFS through a commitment to its tenets, values, and practices in the community.
• Offers great devotion, light, spirit, charisma, and heart to the community and mission of The Roberts Field School.

The Roberts Field School seeks an Associate Director who is a leader and greatly inspired by this role and responsibility. We seek those prospective leaders who can foresee devoting their unique qualifications and professional gifts to the continued building and sustainability of an extraordinary learning center much farther into the future and to another height of success.


Studio Creative Play Inc. and The Roberts Field School highly value a supportive and family compatible work place; we want our employees to regularly enjoy good and fulfilling time with their families in addition to the work time that they devote to our school and organization.

Studio Creative Play & The Roberts Field School is an equal-opportunity employer and strongly encourages individuals of all backgrounds and cultures to consider this important leadership position. The School’s policies rest on inclusivity including, but not limited to: diversity in nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, and economic status.

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements

It is necessary that all prospective candidates have a bachelor’s degree, and it is preferred that they have an advanced degree. The must have 5-plus years experience in a professional and educational leadership position.

Salary & Benefits

This is a full-time position and compensation will be competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience. Appropriate benefits will be provided. Start date is preferably May 2021 or earlier for training during the current school year.

Application Procedures

Please direct inquiries, nominations, and applications, including resume and a compelling letter of interest to:

Studio Creative Play & The Roberts Field School
123 Seventh Avenue, PMB 109
Brooklyn, New York 11215
Attention: Director of Programming

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