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Director boutique preschool in beautiful Charleston SC


Preschool of the arts Charleston. Mt Pleasant, SC

Start Date: August 1, 2020

Description, Responsibilities, & Duties

Preschool of the Arts is located within the Center for Jewish Life and is one of just a few Reggio Emilia preschools in the greater Charleston region.

We maintain a safe, healthy, nurturing, and engaging environment for children, where all social, emotional, and cognitive developmental needs are addressed. Opportunities are provided for children to take responsibility, make decisions, and learn through play in mixed-aged classrooms.
We help children see the interrelationships of things and ideas by focusing on the relationship of the fine arts to nature, science, math, music, and communal interaction. We encourage children to ponder, investigate, and create as a way to make meaning of the world around them.

We work collaboratively with parents, and serve as a resource for support and education, engaging your children and nourishing their hearts and minds.
Our teachers act as guides, resources, problem posers, and partners in learning.

We welcome families of all backgrounds. Our children learn the traditions and moral values of Judaism as part of their education. These lessons are woven naturally through all of our activities and become a meaningful and treasured part of each child’s personal experience. Preschool of the Arts is truly a progressive boutique preschool.

Basic Duties and Responsibilities:

● Plan, organize, direct, manage, and supervise programs for preschool-age children and facilitate positive relations among Preschool Staff, parents, and the Center.
● This position requires strong supervisory, leadership, and communication skills along with a warm and nurturing disposition.
● Must be able to work positively within a parent-participation school environment and promote an atmosphere of community and cooperation among all interested parties.

Program Development:

● Maintain develop or modify curriculum to meet the needs of children enrolled in the Preschool and remain current with developments in the field.
● Develop long term plans to facilitate the growth of the Preschool.
● Define policies of admission, attendance, tuition and educational goals and establish all other necessary policies procedures or rules pertaining to the operation of the Preschool.

Staff Supervision/Employee Relations:

● Have knowledge of developmentally appropriate curriculum, interactions and environments.
● Oversee and assist the Preschool Staff in administering, planning and evaluating activities and lesson plans that promote developmentally-appropriate learning.
● Train and supervise the Preschool Staff by holding regular meetings, mediating minor disagreements, and assisting in the classroom when necessary.
● Plan, organize, coordinate, and promote professional development, training, and staff meetings.
● Regularly monitor staff performance and provide coaching or mentoring for performance improvement and development.
● Provide day-to-day leadership and work with staff to ensure high performance and to promote a positive employee relations environment.
● Conduct Preschool Staff performance evaluations.
● Arrange for substitute help for the Preschool Staff (and serve as a substitute as needed).
● Coordinate recruitment and hiring to fill Preschool Staff vacancies and make hiring recommendations to the Center Leadership.


● Primary responsibility for handling day-to-day administration of the Preschool, including determination of all schedules, assignment of Preschool Staff responsibilities, and utilization of office/classroom space and resources.
● Ensure compliance with licensing requirements of the Department of Social Services Department, and all other applicable county, state and federal laws, rules and regulations.
● Serve as the primary point of contact with all governmental and regulatory bodies in connection with the Preschool.

● Plan and implement health and safety programs including universal health precautions, emergency procedures, and facility and equipment safety.
● Manage all aspects of student admissions.
● Keep and maintain full and complete records pertaining to the administration and operation of the Preschool.

Fiscal Responsibilities:

● Work with the Center Leadership to prepare an annual budget for approval.
● Responsible for operation of the Preschool pursuant to an approved budget, including collection of enrollment fees and tuition, purchase of routine equipment and supplies, and handling of routine banking transactions in accordance with established financial policies and procedures.

Communication and Leadership:

● Develop a strong rapport with the Community by attending planned and ad hoc meetings (as required), presenting monthly reports to the Center Leadership on Preschool operations (to include budgetary information), and responding to requests for information in a timely manner.
● Communicate effectively with Preschool parents and staff, prospective families, and the Center Leadership in order to promote understanding and support of the Preschool’s ministry. Encourage feedback regarding Preschool programs and activities.

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements

Must meet licensing requirements, including one of the following: (i) A.A. in early childhood education and two years of teaching experience in a child care center, (ii) B.A. in early childhood education and one year of teaching experience in a child care center, or (iii) coursework only and four years of teaching experience in a child care center. Demonstrate a working knowledge of current child care center regulations and policies. Prior Preschool Director Experience is preferred.

Salary & Benefits


Application Procedures

Please send resume and cover letter via email to:

Sarah Refson, Center Director

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Sarah Refson, Center Director

Your support will help us advance the quality of every child's one childhood.

Together, we are empowering exceptional education.