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Director & Founding Team Member


Los Angeles, CA

Start Date: January 6, 2020

Description, Responsibilities, & Duties

At Village, we’re on a mission: create a more equitable, kind, and innovative world by more fully supporting little ones and their hardworking parents.

To fulfill this mission, we are building Reggio Emilia childcare communities where both parents and their kiddos are supported.

For kiddos, this looks like:
-Emergent curriculum rooted in mindfulness, movement, wellness, equity, and nature.
-Focus on emotional resiliency, boundary setting, and open communication in an effort to create self-actualizing adults.
-Anti-bias education & commitment to equity in all forms.
-Year-round outdoor immersions.

For parents this looks like:
-Support services like meals, dry cleaning, laundry, and errand running managed by non-educator staff. Parents can request these services during pick-up or drop-off (or online) for maximum convenience and time-saving.
-Monthly coaching sessions focused on conscious discipline and parenting principles.
-Weekly events focused on building community, strengthening family bonds, wellness, and overall growth.

We believe that by taking things off parents’ plates and providing support in this way, we can create space for self-care, growth, release, ego-work, and reparenting–space that will ultimately allow them to thrive as people and parents.

We are looking for a Director to join the founding team of Village to help us bring this vision to life.

Who You Are?
You’re an experienced educator with a big heart and big dreams. You believe in the power of Reggio, mindfulness, nature, equity, and wellness in changing the world. You know that parents are a key piece of the puzzle and we must create space for them to grow and thrive so little ones can do the same.

You are excited about starting a school from scratch and redesigning parts of our care economy to more fully support the entire family. You know the challenges that may await us but understand that with aligned intentions and inspired action, we will bring our vision to fruition.

As the CEO supports parents, community partnerships, programming and events, and all administrative responsibilities, your experience allows you to take charge of the classroom. While you feel alive and aligned in the classroom, you are also passionate about cultivating skills and abilities in other teachers. You know how to effectively train folks and enjoy seeing them learn, grow, and succeed.

You’re committed to mindfulness, conscious discipline, equity, diversity, and inclusion and are ready to ensure it is the bedrock of our school. You also understand that it is pivotal we make quality, early-childhood-education more accessible while also paying teachers thriving wages and serving as advocates for our educators.

Most of all, you love to laugh, appreciate the wild and wonderful journey that is life, and are ready for your next Adventure with Village. You are excited by responsibilities that include:

-Serving as a teacher-leader during initial phases of launch.
-Identifying top talent through equitable, inclusive approaches.
-Training and coaching lead and assistant teachers while supporting them as independent leaders.
-Overseeing the effective and intentional implementation of Reggio Emilia, conscious discipline, outdoor immersion, and anti-bias education in Village schools.
-Ensuring our core values of growth, exploration, curiosity, kindness, and equity are embodied by all teachers and throughout the classroom.
-Managing and licensing and regulatory guidelines around early childhood education and daycare/pre-school operations.

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements

If you are excited about creating early-childhood-education and afterschool programs that are firmly rooted in mindfulness, emotional regulation, actualization, equity, wellness, conscious discipline, and community for both caregivers and the little ones—please apply and reach out.

While we encourage all for whom our mission and vision resonated to reach out (we will have more roles opening throughout the next year), we are specifically looking for folks with the following qualifications:

Minimum Requirements:
-Bachelor’s degree in education, child development, or a related field
-Meet Massachusetts or Illinois Director qualifications, or equivalent if licensed in another state
-Minimum of two years of teaching experience in a preschool environment
-Experience implementing child-led, inquiry-based curricula, with a focus on observation, reflection, and documentation
-Excellent interpersonal skills, especially written and verbal communication
-A demonstrated ability to lead, energize, and effectively delegate tasks among interdisciplinary work teams

Preferred Qualifications:
-Advanced degree in education, child development, or a related field
-Experience as a school administrator or director, ideally at the preschool level
-Dedication to teacher mentorship, professional development, advocacy, and equity.
-Exposure and appreciation of outdoor education
-Background in anti-bias curriculum and/or teaching for social justice

Salary & Benefits

Application Procedures

Please reach out to if you\’re interested in the role.

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