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Start Date: February 1, 2021

Description, Responsibilities, & Duties

Looking for a Reggio inspired educator who wants to come join in setting up a preschool-aged micro-school that is focused on developing the whole child; academic as well as social and emotional well being.

This is an in-person position working directly with children based in Houston TX.

The entire emphasis of this micro-school is collaborative, therefore here are the elements you will have input on:

We are aiming to have a mixed range of children ages 3-5 but open to discuss what feels right based on your experience and desire.

Class size is flexible, we want to collaborate and find the right balance that feels supportive to both the educator and the children.

We are aiming for a full-time Monday-Friday engagement and are looking for input on what hours the program can run that is sustainable for you as the educator. Additionally, we are open to exploring engagement with educators who want to come and be involved part-time or on a rotation basis or who want to specifically focus on specific topics/ subjects so please get in touch.

You will have input on how much you want to be compensated and we will work together to balance the child ratio and schedule that fairly compensates you as the educator while being financially sustainable for families.

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements

Educator qualities we are looking to integrate:

You have training and experience implementing Reggio style of learning with young children (particularly ages 3-5). For the budding educator this opportunity will expand your skills and for the seasoned educator it’s an opportunity to unleash your creativity and passion for teaching by helping to build a school from the ground up.

Either way we are open to exploring all levels of experience and looking for educators who are rooted in the Reggio philosophy, approach and style of teaching.

You feel comfortable with leading, taking initiative and being self-directed in organization and planning of provocations, projects, learning documentation, supply needs etc. You also feel comfortable in communicating when you need help and support.

You have high emotional awareness within yourself and you know how to help children co-regulate and process big emotions. If you are an empath or are a highly sensitive person we believe your heightened sensory and awareness could make a great contribution to meet the needs of other sensitive children.

You are open-minded, inquisitive and a great listener.

Salary & Benefits

Application Procedures

Program Description

We are creating a learning experience that emphasizes helping the child become more in-tune with themselves, their purpose, and others, therefore this opportunity is ideal for someone who wants to join a community that wants to prioritize human connection. Here are some of the other elements you would be a part of:

You will be part of a tight-knit community of parents and children, growing and developing together as well as problem-solving together. We want to create a relationship where you as the educator can feel comfortable to lean on the community of parents for support (hands-on help, open communication, etc.).

Your role will encompass the day-to-day engagement with the kids and we will expand learning opportunities with drop-in educators that supplement specific topics based on the kid’s interests ( some examples: farmers, yoga & mindfulness teachers, musicians, astronomers additionally we will lean on parents to drop in as topic experts etc.).

We have a small studio space and outdoor space as well as a 30-acre woodland property 1hr north of Houston where we have the opportunity to do nature/ forest exploration, we will have an adventure playground, and two beehives where the children will have the opportunity to learn about ecology and hive management that will be led by the owner. There are conservationists who will be on the land that we have the opportunity to integrate their work into the learning experience.

Contact Info

If you live in the Houston, Texas area and find this opportunity exciting please get in touch by sending an email with a brief introduction about yourself and an overview of your education experience.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Your support will help us advance the quality of every child's one childhood.

Together, we are empowering exceptional education.