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Lead Teacher


Staenberg Loup Jewish Community Center
350 S. Dahlia Street
Denver, CO 80246

Start Date: June 3, 2019

Description, Responsibilities, & Duties

Job Description: JCC ELS Lead Teacher
As an ELS Lead Teacher, you will develop, implement, evaluate the classroom curriculum, and be responsible for providing a quality educational program that reflects the goals of our school. Lead Teachers will collaborate with colleagues, our Pedagogista, Inclusion Specialist, and families to create lessons that guide children’s active engagement in classroom environments. Lead Teachers work with groups of children, applying a constructivist approach to learning.

Teaching and Curriculum
 Ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of all children.
 Nurture physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and intellectual growth and development of each child.
 Plan and implement a daily curriculum according to developmentally appropriate practices and school values with your teaching team.

Administrative & Classroom
 Maintain a cheerful, nurturing healthy, safe and clean classroom environment.
 Maintain attendance and injury records.
 Maintain storage, organization, and cleanliness of classroom equipment and materials.
 Ensure the maintenance of a clean classroom.
 Provide ELS Administrative Assistant with list of needed classroom supplies.

Communication & Community
 Communicate regularly with Inclusion Specialist, Pedagogista, and ELS Leadership Team, including all concerns regarding a child’s progress.
 Participate in regular staff meetings and professional development.
 Monitor growth and development of each child and communicate progress and/or concerns with parents and Director.
 Communicate regularly with parents.
 Hold parent conferences as needed/requested.
 Attend school- wide and class events such as picnics, parties, parent meetings and other special events.
 Work with the teaching team on problem solving classroom and school challenges as needed.

Professional Development
 Work towards increasing knowledge and abilities in the field of early childhood education and related topics through attendance at workshops and courses, reading books or periodicals, or other means.
 Many of our faculty members are qualified coaches. As a result, we are able to use their peer-to-peer learning as PD. Teachers are also encouraged to present at conferences (Jewish ECE, Paradigm, and Colorado Early Childhood Conference).
 Attend monthly staff meetings/professional development sessions.
 Week long professional development is provided to teachers before the start of the new school year. This PD can be used towards PDIS credentials.

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements


 Early Childhood Teacher Credential (Minimum – Level III in PDIS)
 First-Aid/CPR
 BA/BS in field related to Early Childhood Education or Early Childhood Development
 Knowledge of a constructivist approach to learning and/or emergent curricula.
 Prior experience working with young children.
 Proficiency in MS Outlook.
 Excellent verbal and written communication.
 Knowledge of, and respect, for the rules and regulations of the Staenberg Loup Jewish Community Center including the Employee Handbook and the ability to abide by them.

This position requires the candidate to be able to care for children’s physical needs on a consistent basis. Candidates must be able to interact with children on their level; frequent bending, squatting and playing on the floor is expected. Candidate must be able to lift 30 pounds. Candidate must remain alert and productive. Children and teachers move about the building to engage in weekly specials such as music, Judaics, or swimming lessons. The ideal candidate is able to be flexible with routines, and willing to engage in the overall community at the JCC.

Salary & Benefits

Employee Perks & Benefits:
 Low student to teacher classroom ratios
 Competitive salary
 Benefit package that includes:
 Childcare discounts across all JCC programs
 Fitness and wellness membership for your immediate family
 Monthly professional development opportunities
 Medical/Dental insurance
 401K eligibility
 In addition, our ELS partners with Jewish ECE and collaborates with 11 preschools in the Denver/Boulder Area. Jewish ECE provides professional development opportunities for all partnering schools.
 The JCC ELS is a SHEVA Laboratory Community that allows us the opportunity to work closely with the Boulder JCC and the JCC Association as a high-quality Jewish Early Childhood program.

Application Procedures

Please complete an application by visiting and click on the JOBS tab.

Program Description

Here in the Early Learning School at the JCC Denver, we believe in each and every child’s ability to learn, grow, and develop within a positive environment. Our youngest generation sparks creativity and imagination for each and every member of our community–they teach us to respect one another and to take pleasure in the little things.

By attending the ELS, all children will receive specialized attention and tools to enhance their educational journey. We take pride in treating each and every student as their own unique person and we work to foster an educational environment where children are free to be themselves and learn valuable lessons such as compassion, curiosity, and innovation. Children will learn to respect one another, as well as themselves, during their time at the ELS.

What makes the Early Learning School different?
The ELS is proud to have low ratios that allow each child to receive the best education possible. We believe that by keeping our ratios low, children are provided with the attention and care they need as they grow and experience the world around them. We offer ratios that no other daycare or pre-school can provide because we understand their importance. Low ratios = enhanced learning opportunities. That’s our motto and we’re sticking to it.

Whether or not your family is Jewish, all children will benefit from the Judaic values we weave into our classroom lessons. Our Judaic values highlight the importance of kindness, selflessness, bravery, courage, and perseverance. Children will learn about the Jewish culture and take part in fun, festive Jewish traditions, such as Purim and Hanukkah! There’s room for everyone here at the ELS, and we support and nurture families of all religious backgrounds and faiths.

The purpose of our swimming lessons is to give children an opportunity to get used to the water through play and positive experiences. We feel that it’s important to teach children water safety at a young age in order to foster a strong sense of awareness and confidence. Unlike traditional daycare, your child will be able to learn, as well as benefit, from the “community center” aspect of our program. They’ll be swimming like a fish before you know it!

We believe it’s important to keep your child active and healthy as they grow and develop. We’re here to channel their rambunctious energy in a positive way that allows them to excel in other areas of their schooling. Our “Catch” program acts as an athletic outlet for our students so they can interact and play with their peers, all while encouraging an active lifestyle at a young age.

We find that our students love to sing, dance, and play musical instruments–so why not encourage them? We offer various opportunities for your child to tap into their musical side. Whether it be music lessons or Shabbat Sing on Fridays, we make sure that your child’s creative needs are taken care of.

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