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Preschool Associate Director


Brooklyn Schoolhouse
Brooklyn, New York

Start Date: August 13, 2019

Description, Responsibilities, & Duties

Brooklyn Schoolhouse, an independent preschool in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, is seeking candidates to fill the role of Associate Director.

Scope: Under the direction of and with support from the Founding Director, this position will manage all operations required to effectively and efficiently run the school. The ideal candidate is one who will enjoy taking ownership of the position, be fully available to the staff and families, and embrace the fullness of the role of Associate Director of the school. The Associate Director will use his/her independent judgment and discretion to effectively conduct the operations which ensure that the school runs smoothly.

Responsibilities include the following:

Oversee all Operations of the School:
– Work with the Founding Director to develop overall curriculum and school practices and to grow and manifest the school\’s Mission
– Remain current with Article 47 amendments and ensure the school is in compliance with all Article 47 standards
– Interface with the Department of Health to ensure permitting and other requirements are met
– Manage processes of getting services and additional support for children, privately and through the DOE
– Support teaching teams in curriculum development
– Observe in classrooms weekly, looking for areas with room for improvement
– Provide support to teachers and teams
– Help teachers as needed
– Greet families upon arrival and dismissal
– Call handyman or plumber as needed

Manage and Conduct all aspects of Admissions and Enrollment, partnering with Founding Director:
– Set dates on website’s Apply page
– Run nightly Admissions Open Houses, partnering with Founding Director
– Process applications
– In partnership with Founding Director, prepare Welcome and Waitlist Letters and send within specified time frames

– Manage and Execute Administrative Calendar
– Manage allocated School budget and report to Finance Director; prioritize materials to be purchased
– Oversee tuition payments and schedules with Finance Director
– Responsibility for all licensing, documentation and filing requirements for the school, students and teachers; keeping student and staff files up to date (hard copies in files, and digital copies in shared google drive)
– Responsibility for Human Resources for staff. You will manage PTO, sick days, and scheduling of substitute teachers.
– Additionally, you will oversee any Human Resource issues that may arise, following protocol and procedures, and report directly to the Founding Director and Finance Director.
– Daily answering of school phones, email, visitors
– Order supplies and materials as needed
– Seek tech support when needed for office equipment

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements

We are looking for an individual with a minimum of 1-2 years of experience in school administration who is exceptionally responsible, professional and organized, and who has strong leadership and interpersonal skills. Other skills and experience required:
– Must hold an MFA in early childhood education or related field of study
– Must hold State Education Department teacher certification in early childhood education or equivalent certification
– At least two years of experience as a group teacher in an early childhood program
– FDNY Fire Conductor Certification (can be completed upon hiring)
– Food Protection Certification (can be completed upon hiring)
– Excellent technology skills, including internet and Google apps including email, calendar, sheets, docs
– Excellent spelling and grammar and attention to detail

Salary & Benefits

The Associate Director position is salaried, full-time exempt. Our compensation package includes a competitive salary and benefits program. The target salary range for this position is $70,000 to $85,000 annually, and will depend upon the candidate’s qualifications and experience. The Founding Director retains the flexibility of increasing this salary range for an exemplary candidate.

Application Procedures

Please email your resume and a cover letter to Kim Turnbull at Thank you!

Program Description

Brooklyn Schoolhouse is founded on the conviction that children have an innate desire to explore, play and learn and are naturally competent and capable learners. It’s easy to see if we look. Think of how they study the way kitchen magnets stick, problem solve to climb trees or instinctively collect rainwater. Children simply can’t not learn. This is why we are a place of engagement, discovery, wonderment, and aliveness. We aim to foster global citizens – ones who embrace coexistence and are inspired and empowered to fulfill their dreams and take responsibility for the sustainability of the planet. (All while splish-splashing in the water buckets they fill.)

We believe in inquiry-based learning. (“I just saw an ant. Where do ants live?”) In this style of learning, each curriculum emerges from the children’s interests and questions. Rather than teaching children about subjects, we help children experience the joy and satisfaction that come with learning. (Big grins upon hearing how an ant can carry 50x its body weight – like a child carrying a cow or bear.) Curricula and projects emerge from children\’s interests and are developed and deepened with the teachers\’ guidance. The goal is that children experience the exciting and empowering process of discovery and learning and develop a love of learning.

As each curriculum evolves, we encourage children to think creatively, investigate their questions, and build new understandings.

This kind of education builds collaboration skills and social responsibility and fosters creativity and ingenuity. These are the skills that will empower young people to fulfill their dreams and take responsibility for the sustainability and improvement of the world.

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