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Team Teacher


Beverley Hills Church Preschool
3512 Old Dominion Blvd.
Alexandria, VA 22305

Start Date: August 1, 2020

Description, Responsibilities, & Duties

Beverley Hills Church Preschool
Team Teacher Position Description

Under the general supervision and guidance of the preschool director, the Team Teacher is responsible for collaboratively planning and implementing the program for the designated preschool class(es) in
accordance with Beverley Hills Church Preschool’s mission, vision and policies, the CreativeCurriculum, The First Six Weeks of School curriculum, and the school’s Reggio Emilia-inspired educational philosophy and teaching frameworks. The Team Teacher works collaboratively with the children, teaching partners (including resource specialists), the entire faculty, and enrolled families to
assure that the above responsibilities are successfully carried out in accordance with stated policies and procedures.

Specific duties of the Team Teacher include, but are not limited to:

Classroom Environment
● Provide a safe, stimulating, accessible, organized and attractive environment for children.
● Establish clear and appropriate classroom expectations, procedures and routines with The First Six Weeks of School curriculum as a guideline.
● Maintain a classroom community in which all children and families can participate.
● Implement a developmentally responsive program based on the above guidelines and in concert with the Reggio Approach.

Activities and Schedules
● Attend all staff meetings, orientation meetings, end-of-year debriefing meeting, summer planning meeting, and participate in the designated number of hours of professional development.
● Be available for school visits by families during orientation, specifically cubby parties.
● Prepare for and attend the Back to School Night, Philosophy Night and Winter Open House.
● Conduct a class meeting with parents in the fall and subsequent class meetings as necessary or mutually desirable.
● Prepare written parent conferences/child assessments and conduct parent-teacher conferences in the fall and spring of the year, and as necessary or mutually desirable.

These activities and the schedule of them may be modified during the year, as needs require.

Daily Responsibilities
Successfully implement general and day-to-day responsibilities with the team, to include:
● Plan for, provision and maintain indoor and outdoor environments
● Prepare and post/email the daily journal, reflection or weekly news
● Set up for and facilitate learning experiences, using the principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach and the Creative Curriculum as guideposts
● Implement the First Six Weeks of School curriculum at the beginning of the school year
● Guide the co-oping parent both verbally and through posted instructions
● Maintain regular communication with parents
● Complete and file administrative paperwork such as accident reports and daily health inspections
● Assure the safety of all children through accountability procedures, practice drills, targeted lessons,
documentation of injuries and safety incidents, and administration of any emergency medications.

These responsibilities may be modified during the year, as needs require.

Planning and Reflection
Collaborate with the Studio Teacher and the entire staff, in the following areas:
● Curriculum and planning frameworks from child observation and curriculum goals, using the Cycle of Inquiry framework to move project work forward.
● Classroom dynamics and individual children’s situations
● Inclusion of children with special needs
● Documentation and reflection on children’s ongoing learning
● Assessment of children’s growth, development and potentialities
● Appropriate classroom routines and environments that balance:
1. Initiative: negotiation between teacher and child, child-initiated
and teacher-initiated
2. Activity level: active and calm
3. Structure: teacher and environmentally guided
4. Grouping: individual, small group and large group
5. Transitions: necessary and responsive to the child/ren

Family Relationships
● Develop an ongoing dialogue and trusting relationships with families that address their questions and concerns and relay pertinent information about the day.
● Locate and refer families to appropriate community resources as needed.
● Participate in IEP or other special parent-teacher meetings as indicated in individual circumstances.
● Guide and teach the co-oping parent to ensure s/he can complete the specific duties and responsibilities of that role.
● Develop working partnerships with families that incorporate family perspectives and experiences.
● Incorporate family skills, interests and experiences in curriculum planning.

As delineated in accreditation guidelines and the BHCP Professional Handbook , it is essential that the Team Teacher set a high standard of professional ethics. Above all, the teacher must:
● Handle each child with dignity and respect.
● Handle all matters pertaining to children, parents, staff and administration of the preschool with discretion and consideration for the feelings and reputations of others.
● Observe the strictest confidentiality with respect to record keeping on individual students.
● Guard the privacy of family members and colleagues
● Maintain current CPR and pediatric first aid certifications and other certifications as required by licensing or accreditation criteria.
● Maintain current awareness of BHCP’s Confidentiality Policy and Child Protection Policy/Child Abuse and Neglect Recognition and Reporting Procedures.

Professional Growth
Team Teachers are expected to be engaged in developing personal mastery, commitment to shared visioning, and building the capacity of the entire school. Guided by learning intentions, teachers continually pursue opportunities to enhance their own growth and that of others.
Team Teachers will be expected to complete appropriate training requirements pursuant to state licensing standards.

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements

Desired qualification is Bachelor degree in ECE or related field. Experience in a Reggio Emilia inspired school is helpful.

Salary & Benefits

Approximately $20/hour depending on education and experience.

Application Procedures

Email Director, Sheri Fry, at

Program Description

BHCP is a half day cooperative preschool that serves children who are 2.5 to 5 years old. There are 5 total classes, the youngest meet for a 2-3 days a week. The older classes meet 4 days a week. There is a class that meets on Friday at a local park for exploration. Each class has two co-teachers and a parent co-oper who is integral and acts as a teacher.

Contact Info

Sheri Fry, Director director@bhcpnet. org

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