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Reggio Children International Network

On behalf of our members, NAREA is among the founding networks of the Reggio Children International Network, an official consortium of 34 countries whose ongoing working relationship with Reggio Children constitutes a growing body of global work.

The first meeting of the Reggio Children International Network was held in Reggio Emilia at the Loris Malaguzzi International Center on July 6-7, 2006. Representatives from 11 countries came together with the aim of sharing values of collaboration and dialogue with the experience of the infant-toddler centers and preschools of Reggio Emilia, and exploring their meanings more deeply in relation to the identity of the International Center. The goals of this first International Network meeting were:

• to create a context for continuing dialogues and collaborations among the various networks and Reggio Children;
• to collect ideas and proposals for future plans and possible directions for the development of the International Center and  its identity; and
• to create new strategies and opportunities to promote different kinds of initiatives and events that will support ongoing dialogues.

After the meeting, a declaration of intent was sent to the mayor and politicians of Reggio Emilia on behalf of the entire group, which stated:

The representatives of the Network “Reggio Children in the World,” gathered together during the seminar, “In Dialogue,” organized by Reggio Children, the Istituzione Scuole e Nidi d’Infanzia – Municipality of Reggio Emilia and the Association “Friends of Reggio Children,” in order to present the cultural identity of the International Centre Loris Malaguzzi and define the quality of the activities and initiatives from an international perspective. At the end of the meeting, they intend to propose to the attention of the administrators, politicians, teachers, parents and citizens the central role that the quality of the experience of the Reggio Emilia municipal infant-toddler centers and preschools has inside the international educational, cultural and political discussion; give great value and meaning to the realization of the International Centre Loris Malaguzzi and they confirm their availability to sustain its initiatives, in the planning and in the costs, acknowledging the place as an essential tool in order to support, develop and qualify the research and the educational policies at the world level. In particular, the center appears as an extraordinary opportunity offered not only to the town of Reggio Emilia, but also to many cities and nations of the world in order to maintain and develop an international dialogue around values that today, like yesterday, are common to the participants in the Network and to their organizations.

Since the first meeting in 2006, representatives to the Reggio Children International Network continue to meet annually in Reggio Emilia for ongoing discussion and shared professional development.



Austria: Dialog Reggio Austria, email:, website:, Forum Reggio Paedagogik, email: , website:

Denmark: Det Danske Reggio Emilia Netwærk/Karin Eskesen, e-mail: Det Danske Reggio Emilia Netwærk, website:

Finland: Elisse Heinimaa, e-mail: Elisse Heinimaa

Germany: Dialog Reggio e-mail:,

Ireland: Early Childhood Ireland, email:

Netherlands: Stichting Pedagogiekontwikkeling voor het jonge kind 0-7/Margot Meeuwig, e-mail: Margot Meeuwig, website:

Norway: Norsk Reggio Emilia Nettverk/ website:  , email: Mona Nicolaysen

Scotland: Early Learning Associates/, website:

Spain: DIIP – Design Infancia Innovacion Proyetctos,, website:

Sweden: Reggio Emilia Institutet, e-mail: Reggio Emilia Institutet, website:

United Kingdom: Sightlines Initiative/Robin Duckett, e-mail: Sightlines Initiative,



United States:
Angela Ferrario, Liaison in the U.S. for Study Groups to Reggio Emilia, e-mail: Angela Ferrario

Lella Gandini, Liaison in the U.S. for Dissemination of the Reggio Emila Approach, e-mail: Lella Gandini


RED SOLARE (Latin American Association for Disseminating the Reggio Emilia Approach to Education: website:

Argentina & Paraguay: Maria Victoria Alfieri, e-mail Maria Victoria Alfieri

Brazil: Marilia Dourado, e-mail:

Colombia: Tulia Gomez, e-mail: Tulia Gomez website:

Colombia: AEIOTU, email: website:

Costa Rica: Carolina Garcia, email:

Mexico: Sausan Burshan, email:

Peru: Fiorella De Ferrari, website:



South Africa: AREA (Africa Reggio Emilia Alliance) Tessa Browne



Australia: REAIE (Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange) e-mail: REAIE,

India: Reggio Emilia India Foundation, email:

Israel: Mirrors Way-Israel- Reggio Journey, Naama Zoran email:

Japan: Natural Smile Japan/Machi No Research Institute- Mari Mori

New Zealand: RE Provocations/Sue Stevely-Cole, e-mail: Sue Stevely-Cole

New Zealand: Reggio Emilia Aotearoa, email:

South Korea: KCCT- Korea Center for Children and Teachers/Moonja Oh, e-mail:, website:

Singapore: EtonHouse Singapore,  website:

Thailand: Jackie Alexander, The Early Learning Centre, e-mail: Jackie Alexander, website:

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