Peer-Review Process

Summary of Innovations Peer Review Process for September 2017 Issue

Please contact the editor Judith Kaminsky for further information.

Proposal review (September 2016)
  • Proposals due by September 1
  • Editors and consulting editors review all proposals according to:
    • Proposal criteria
    • Essence of call for proposals
      • Consistent with principles of Reggio Emilia educational project
      • Includes focus on as many as 3 aspects of this topic
      • Diversity of authors, contexts, and communities
    • Whether previously published (will not be accepted) and whether more than one proposal submitted (only one proposal/group of authors/issue will be accepted)
  • Editors and consulting editors collaboratively decide on which proposals to approve
  • Editor notifies submitters by September 30 whether:
    • Proposal approved, offering invitation to submit manuscript
      • Will offer suggestions to pursue compelling, interesting, innovative aspects of proposal
      • Will encourage integration of reflections on experience
      • Goal to establish collaborative reflective process that offers meaningful learning experience for all parties
      • Will send author supports (Guidelines and requirements for submitted manuscripts, NAREA publication agreement, and NAREA photographic release)
    • Inappropriate for this issue or for Innovations and why
Manuscript review (January-May 2017)
  • Manuscripts due by December 31, 2016
  • Editors and consulting editors read and review all manuscripts according to essence of call for proposals and guidelines and requirements for submitted manuscripts
  • Editors and consulting editors collaboratively decide which manuscripts to send out for review
    • Authors notified by February 28 whether manuscript will be sent out for review, or if revisions are requested (to be submitted by March 31) in order to be considered for publication, or not appropriate for publication
    • One consulting editor and two reviewers with particular knowledge regarding topic will review each manuscript
    • Reviewers are former Innovations editorial board members, former and current NAREA board members, former Innovations authors, and NAREA exhibit project host community representatives
    • Reviewers and consulting editors read manuscripts and offer perspectives based on the following considerations:
      • In what ways do you believe this manuscript supports the topic of the September 2017 issue, “Building Collective Knowledge in a Learning and Democratic Community through the Processes of Documentation”?
      • How does the experience of research and inquiry shared in the manuscript support the value of learning as a process of individual and group construction fostered by strategies of research, exchange of ideas, and co-participation?
      • How does the experience of research and inquiry shared in the manuscript illustrate the value of participation that generates and nurtures the culture of solidarity, responsibility, and inclusion in this educational community?
      • In which ways does the process of documentation give value and visibility to the individual and group learning processes of the children and adults participating in the experience of research and inquiry shared in this manuscript
      • Which of the aspects of the issue’s topic from the call for proposals is addressed in this manuscript and what role did these aspects play in supporting the shared experience of children, educators, and families?
      • What specific suggestions for revisions do you have that would improve the quality of this manuscript and/or strengthen the way in which it supports the topic of this issue?
  • Reviewers and consulting editors submit a report to editor by April 15 that addresses above considerations
  • Editors and consulting editors discuss reviewers’ reports and collaboratively decide on which manuscripts to publish in peer-reviewed issue
    • Editor communicates to authors by May 31 re: acceptance for publication with no revisions required or interest in publishing following specific revisions (to be submitted by June 30)
Manuscript preparation for publication (June-July 2017)
  • Editor edits and prepares accepted manuscripts for publication and sends to authors for review
  • Authors complete publication agreement and submit photo permissions by June 30
  • Consulting editors draft introduction and concluding reflections for issue
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