Member Initiatives

NAREA provides the opportunity for professional development initiatives organized by NAREA members in North America to be posted on the Member Initiatives page of our website. If interested, we ask that someone at your organization or school obtain a current NAREA membership, and offer a discount to current NAREA members for that particular event. In return, NAREA will post your initiative on our website with the information provided from the host such as title, date, location, cost, a registration link, and a photo or logo associated with the event. Upon request, NAREA materials will be made available to participants.

If you are interested in having your professional development listed on our website or have further questions, please contact


The Advent School Collaborative


Opal School’s Online and In-Person Retreats


The Sabot Institute for Teaching and Learning


Loris Malaguzzi’s Inspiration and Vision for the
Public Schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy and Beyond


Geography of Connections: Children as Creators of Community


In Dialogue with Suzanne Axelsson:
Deepening our Understanding of the Reggio Emilia Approach

Pickering College - Reggio Conference Nov 1

Beautiful Science, Creative Technology:
Applying a Reggio Emilia and Hawkins Inspired Lens to 21st Century Materials

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