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Membership Vision

As early childhood education undergoes ongoing political and cultural transformation, NAREA members stand with children, families, and educators, promoting and defending children’s rights to be seen and valued as citizens with agency and intelligence. Early childhood is viewed as a particular and fleeting period of the human experience in which education and community life must extend positive possibilities to all children. NAREA membership has grown from 300 subscribing members in 2002 to 20,000 complimentary and subscribing members presently.


Six Reasons to Become a Subscribing or Complimentary Member

Join Our Community


1. Elevate the Image of Early Childhood Education

NAREA, together with Reggio Emilia, Reggio Children, Reggio Children–Loris Malaguzzi Foundation, and the Reggio Children International Network, is building a new future based on a strong and competent image of children, their families, and their teachers.

2. Connect with Reggio Emilia, Italy

Through the Reggio Children International Network and as Promoting Founder of the Reggio Children—Loris Malaguzzi Center Foundation, NAREA is formally connected to the municipal early childhood education project of Reggio Emilia, Italy, considered the most advanced system of early childhood education in the world. Through our formal relationship, we bring representatives from Reggio Emilia to North America, supporting continual exchange and dialogue.

3. Add Your Voice to the Global Community

NAREA offers participation in a larger movement and a greater cause for those who feel a moral and ethical urgency on behalf of children. When you are counted as a member, you enhance the impact and credibility of our mutual aims.

4. Dedicate Yourself to Professional Growth

NAREA is dedicated to an elevated image of early childhood education seen as a profession committed to understanding children and education through permanent research and innovation.

5. Receive Access to Membership Benefits

NAREA members receive the numerous benefits described below. Additionally, every fee-based membership supports NAREA’s ability to maintain a national presence in the ever-changing landscape of early childhood education in North America. Our presence enables:

  • new and seasoned teachers and schools to reach us for personal conversations, guidance with resources, and encouragement
  • parents to search for Reggio-inspired schools in their area
  • coordination and production of a suite of annual professional development
  • residencies of exhibitions and ateliers from Reggio Emilia in North American communities
  • high level collaborations with national organizations to advance Reggio-inspired work
  • participation in the Reggio Children International Network and the Reggio Children—Loris Malaguzzi Center Foundation to stay abreast of contemporary Reggio Emilia
  • publication of Innovations in Early Education: The International Reggio Emilia Exchange as well as other resources for a North American audience
  • distribution of Reggio Children’s books and resources
  • persistent advocacy for the rights of children, teachers, and families

6. What You Give

Your membership and participation gives credibility to our mutual aims of building a future based on a strong and competent image of children, their families, and their teachers.


Membership Options

Something for Everyone


Advocate Membership


Advocate members are interested in Reggio Emilia’s history and present-day experience and seek to be informed of initiatives and resources available in North America.

  • Monthly E-newsletter
  • Free articles curated by Lella Gandini on the NAREA website
  • One free article per year from Innovations, accessed via the NAREA website


Participant Membership


Participant members share interest in Reggio Emilia and desire additional resources and experiences to support their ongoing study and active interpretation of Reggio Emilia’s approach.

  • All benefits of Advocate level membership, plus:
  • Print issues of current year Innovations
  • Digital access to current year issues of Innovations
  • 10% discount on Reggio Children webinars with user code
  • Discounts to conferences and initiatives hosted by NAREA’s community partners
  • $100 discount to NAREA in-person conferences
  • Discounts on NAREA virtual conferences
  • Invitations to complimentary post-conference dialogue groups
  • $75 discount on 60-day job posting on the NAREA website
  • Drawing entry to win one complimentary study tour fee to Reggio Emilia
  • Complimentary members’ webinar with the NAREA board



School Membership


School members are distinguished not only by their interest in Reggio Emilia but also by their schoolwide pursuit of positive transformation through education within their local community. School members continually strive to respectfully interpret and represent the values and principles of Reggio Emilia and to innovate and invigorate positive experiences and opportunities with children, families, educators, and community. School memberships are intended for those working together at a single address.

  • All benefits of Advocate and Participant level memberships, plus:
  • Complimentary posting of your organization’s initiatives on the NAREA website
  • Complimentary visibility of school information on the NAREA Schools and Organizations page of our website
  • Invitation to a convocation of NAREA member schools
  • Opportunity to enroll unlimited associate members from the school at the rate of $45 each



Associate Membership


Associate members are individuals within a school carrying a school membership. Associate members must have the member identification of their school to enroll. Ideally, associate members are enrolled at the same time as their school.

  • All benefits of Participant member except for print issues of Innovations



Retired Membership


Retired members are individuals who wish to continue their professional affiliation and growth.

  • All benefits of Participant member except for print issues of Innovations


Your support will help us advance the quality of every child's one childhood.

Together, we are empowering exceptional education.