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Crescent Park Child Development Center, Palo Alto, CA

Start Date: June 1, 2020

Crescent Park is an innovative, Reggio-inspired, play-based early childhood education program for children (18 months to five years) and families of Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.  Nestled in the heart of Palo Alto, Crescent Park welcomes over 150 families each year who partner with us to provide a high-quality, progressive approach to education. We are known for our rich, “magical”, engaging environments and Indoor/Outdoor flow, where the educators are stationary and the children flow naturally through the spaces. Not only are children granted the opportunity to explore their environment freely, but this flow gives educators the opportunity to build a unique culture within their spaces–the Construction Lab, Outdoor Classroom, Art Studio and Toddler Studio space alongside the support of their co-teachers.

Educators are given an incredible amount of creative freedom and flexibility within their work, and are encouraged to tie their unique passions and interests as individuals into their work with children. We’re seeking self-starters who value collaboration, innovative thinking, a passion for working with children, and who are eager to partner with us in cultivating an intentional learning community.

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Team Teacher


Beverley Hills Church Preschool
3512 Old Dominion Blvd.
Alexandria, VA 22305

Start Date: August 1, 2020

Beverley Hills Church Preschool
Team Teacher Position Description

Under the general supervision and guidance of the preschool director, the Team Teacher is responsible for collaboratively planning and implementing the program for the designated preschool class(es) in
accordance with Beverley Hills Church Preschool’s mission, vision and policies, the CreativeCurriculum, The First Six Weeks of School curriculum, and the school’s Reggio Emilia-inspired educational philosophy and teaching frameworks. The Team Teacher works collaboratively with the children, teaching partners (including resource specialists), the entire faculty, and enrolled families to
assure that the above responsibilities are successfully carried out in accordance with stated policies and procedures.

Specific duties of the Team Teacher include, but are not limited to:

Classroom Environment
● Provide a safe, stimulating, accessible, organized and attractive environment for children.
● Establish clear and appropriate classroom expectations, procedures and routines with The First Six Weeks of School curriculum as a guideline.
● Maintain a classroom community in which all children and families can participate.
● Implement a developmentally responsive program based on the above guidelines and in concert with the Reggio Approach.

Activities and Schedules
● Attend all staff meetings, orientation meetings, end-of-year debriefing meeting, summer planning meeting, and participate in the designated number of hours of professional development.
● Be available for school visits by families during orientation, specifically cubby parties.
● Prepare for and attend the Back to School Night, Philosophy Night and Winter Open House.
● Conduct a class meeting with parents in the fall and subsequent class meetings as necessary or mutually desirable.
● Prepare written parent conferences/child assessments and conduct parent-teacher conferences in the fall and spring of the year, and as necessary or mutually desirable.

These activities and the schedule of them may be modified during the year, as needs require.

Daily Responsibilities
Successfully implement general and day-to-day responsibilities with the team, to include:
● Plan for, provision and maintain indoor and outdoor environments
● Prepare and post/email the daily journal, reflection or weekly news
● Set up for and facilitate learning experiences, using the principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach and the Creative Curriculum as guideposts
● Implement the First Six Weeks of School curriculum at the beginning of the school year
● Guide the co-oping parent both verbally and through posted instructions
● Maintain regular communication with parents
● Complete and file administrative paperwork such as accident reports and daily health inspections
● Assure the safety of all children through accountability procedures, practice drills, targeted lessons,
documentation of injuries and safety incidents, and administration of any emergency medications.

These responsibilities may be modified during the year, as needs require.

Planning and Reflection
Collaborate with the Studio Teacher and the entire staff, in the following areas:
● Curriculum and planning frameworks from child observation and curriculum goals, using the Cycle of Inquiry framework to move project work forward.
● Classroom dynamics and individual children’s situations
● Inclusion of children with special needs
● Documentation and reflection on children’s ongoing learning
● Assessment of children’s growth, development and potentialities
● Appropriate classroom routines and environments that balance:
1. Initiative: negotiation between teacher and child, child-initiated
and teacher-initiated
2. Activity level: active and calm
3. Structure: teacher and environmentally guided
4. Grouping: individual, small group and large group
5. Transitions: necessary and responsive to the child/ren

Family Relationships
● Develop an ongoing dialogue and trusting relationships with families that address their questions and concerns and relay pertinent information about the day.
● Locate and refer families to appropriate community resources as needed.
● Participate in IEP or other special parent-teacher meetings as indicated in individual circumstances.
● Guide and teach the co-oping parent to ensure s/he can complete the specific duties and responsibilities of that role.
● Develop working partnerships with families that incorporate family perspectives and experiences.
● Incorporate family skills, interests and experiences in curriculum planning.

As delineated in accreditation guidelines and the BHCP Professional Handbook , it is essential that the Team Teacher set a high standard of professional ethics. Above all, the teacher must:
● Handle each child with dignity and respect.
● Handle all matters pertaining to children, parents, staff and administration of the preschool with discretion and consideration for the feelings and reputations of others.
● Observe the strictest confidentiality with respect to record keeping on individual students.
● Guard the privacy of family members and colleagues
● Maintain current CPR and pediatric first aid certifications and other certifications as required by licensing or accreditation criteria.
● Maintain current awareness of BHCP’s Confidentiality Policy and Child Protection Policy/Child Abuse and Neglect Recognition and Reporting Procedures.

Professional Growth
Team Teachers are expected to be engaged in developing personal mastery, commitment to shared visioning, and building the capacity of the entire school. Guided by learning intentions, teachers continually pursue opportunities to enhance their own growth and that of others.
Team Teachers will be expected to complete appropriate training requirements pursuant to state licensing standards.

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Program Coordinator


Field of Dreams Indian Land, SC

Start Date: September 1, 2020

Position summary:
The primary objectives of the Curriculum Director are to: (1) Inspire positive social interactions, (2) Overall childcare and education, and (3) Foster and develop educational environment. The Curriculum Director reports to the School Leader. The Curriculum Director will implement curriculum in a safe, healthy and nurturing classroom environment that supports each child’s social, emotional and intellectual growth and development.

Essential Tasks:
• Classroom Curriculum (50%)
o Creates individualized curriculum based on classroom developmental levels.
o Incorporates individual treatment plan into the classroom curriculum.
o Incorporates hands-on, multi-sensory and real-life experiences into scheduled activities.
o Researches additional curriculum ideas and developmentally appropriate practices.
• Observation (40%)
o Observes classroom activities as needed.
o Completes observation sheet for each classroom and provides feedback.
o Monitors classroom for policies/procedures violations.
• Leadership (10%)
o Plans and implement daily programs in accordance with the policies, procedures, and practices of the school.
o Maintains regular contact with parents, administrative staff, and the School Leader.

• Relationship building.
• Outgoing personality.
• Highly professional and dependable.
• Creative and energetic
• Ability to use standard office equipment such as a laptop computer and smartphone

• Growth Mindset: Models a ‘Growth Mindset’ by consistently seeking to develop one’s talents and demonstrating a passion for learning and growth.
• Hungry: Continuously strives for excellence, going above and beyond what is required to seize opportunities for the overall benefit of the organization.
• Humble: Puts the collective success of the team over one’s individual interests, easily admitting to one’s own mistakes and sharing the credit for team accomplishments.
• (People) Smart: Demonstrates good judgment when interacting with teammates, understanding one’s impact on others and adjusting one’s behavior as necessary.
• Leadership: Rallies teammates around a shared vision and provides motivation and support to reach shared objectives. Provides timely feedback, coaching, and development opportunities for staff. Serves as a role model for our core values.
• Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Cultivates the interpersonal skills and emotional discipline to forge authentic relationships with teammates in order to establish mutual trust, respect and accountability. Ability to relate joyfully and sensitively to children.
• Collaboration: Involves parents, colleagues, and partners with the community in a collaborative effort to provide seamless support for students.
• Communication: Communicates effectively with parents and students with sensitivity, honesty, and empathy. Discusses matters with staff and leadership directly and in a professional manner.
• Organization and Time Management: Ensures that priorities are aligned with key business objectives and resources are mobilized to maximize Return on Time Invested. Focuses time and energy on value-added activities.
• Adaptability: Maintain a calm, positive, and professional demeanor even in the face of challenges and adversity.

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Chicago Commons – Lead Teacher (0-3 years of age)


Chicago Commons’ Nia Family Center in located in the west Humboldt Park area of Chicago, Illinois.

Start Date: May 4, 2020

The lead teacher is responsible for developing a classroom atmosphere where children can grow and develop in a safe and positive learning space. Candidates must have a passion for creating a safe and nurturing environment for children to receive a quality education, and the ability to lead the classroom team.

• Contributes to the development of the overall agency and center educational plan
• Leads classroom teams in creating an atmosphere in which children can grow and develop; develops a classroom environment that is welcoming and emphasizes the importance of the child; includes furnishings and supplies which are attractive, durable and developmentally appropriate
• Introduces, implements and evaluates developmentally appropriate activities for young children including the following activities: Self Image, Language/Literacy Development, Music and Movement, Social Studies, Science, Math, Art, Large/Small Motor Activities, and In-Depth Projects
• Supervises and interacts with all children’s activities
• Trains staff and prepares performance evaluations with the assistance of the Site Director
• Researches, implements, and evaluates curriculum methods and classroom management strategies
• Responsible for preparing classroom materials in advance of children’s arrival and maintaining a clean classroom environment
• Assists with responsibility of ordering supplies needed for the program
• Recommends maintenance and repairs as needed
• Develops strong partnerships with the families
• Attends home visits and conducts parent-teacher conference assessment reviews
• Participates in Family Reviews and IFSP/IEP meetings
• Leads the implementation of the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, focusing on in depth studies and classroom explorations
• Responsible for maintaining reports on children’s growth and development for all students in the classroom
• Conducts weekly team meeting
• Attends and participates in parent meetings and in-service trainings
• Performs other duties as assigned.

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Chicago Commons – Assistant Director


Chicago Commons’ Taylor Center for New Experiences is located in the West Humboldt Park area of Chicago, Illinois

Start Date: May 4, 2020

Position Summary: Assist in managing all areas of comprehensive the early education program for children and families, including program leadership, educational leadership and compliance monitoring. Responsible for the operation of the child development program in the absence of the Site Director.

• Contributes to the development of the center’s education plan and agency’s child development philosophy and goals.
• Assist in developing a quality program that meets the needs of children, families and staff.
• Insures compliance with all city, state and federal regulations.
• Assist with the development of site improvement/action plans, as needed.
• Responsible for the management and operation of the site in the Director’s absence.
• Ensure appropriate classroom coverage to maintain required teacher-child ratios.
• Responsible for recruitment, registration and enrollment of eligible children including 10% of children with disabilities at agency sites; maintain at least a 10% waiting list for each site.
• Provide center tours to parents and partners interested in the program.
• Establish positive, professional relationships Chicago Commons’ staff, the surround community, and funders.
• Establish and maintain effective relationships with children and families using a strength-based approach that is respectful, supportive, and culturally sensitive.
• Ensures classroom teams are creating an atmosphere in which children develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.
• Assists with team lesson planning and reviews all lesson plans.
• Ensure all social emotional, developmental; vision and hearing screenings are completed with the 45-day timelines.
• Monitor ongoing observation assessments in Teaching Strategies GOLD and provide feedback to enhance child outcomes.
• Assists teachers in implementing IEPs/IFSPs and in differentiating planning and instruction for all children.
• Oversees site’s efforts for serving children with disabilities including referrals, provider’s observations and required documentation.
• Ensures the Reggio Emilia philosophy is implemented consistently and monitors consistent use of the Studios.
• Monitors education folders for children in assigned classrooms as designated by the Site Director.
• Maintain a quality program that meets NAEYC and Excelerate GOLD requirements.
• Assists with the supervision and training of staff as designated by the Site Director.
• Complete annual performance evaluations for staff as designated by the Site Director.
• Assists with recruiting and hiring qualified staff members.
• Assists with new staff orientation/onboarding.
• Support staff in developing and achieving goals as outlined in professional development planning.
• Assures continuity of care in 0-3 classrooms.
• Assists in planning parent meetings and family events.
• Participates in family meetings, as needed.
• Collaborates with the Site Director to plan field trips and other special events.
• Prepared written reports as requested.
• Assist in working with facilities to ensure the center environment is clean and safe.
• Other duties as assigned.

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OAK HILL, VA 20171

Start Date: July 15, 2020


We are seeking an experienced individual to lead our small, relatively new school (preschool – kindergarten) as it grows to fulfill its mission (below). An individual who recognizes the power of the arts, including process drama, to free and enhance a child’s learning through exploration and play; who can build and sustain a joyful environment for learning; and promote a culture of love and caring. Understanding of and strong experience with arts-integration methodologies and/or Reggio approaches is a plus.

At Kay School we celebrate children’s capacity to learn, their excitement about learning, and their natural ability to do so through exploration and play. It is our mission to create and nurture an environment for learning that will help children grow to become academically successful, and socially adept; active and curious learners; aware of their capacity to imagine and create; caring of themselves, fellow students, and their environment; strong innovators and skilled problem-solvers. Early childhood is when the foundation for learning is formed. Our curriculum is interactive, with content that is developmentally appropriate, and guided by the children’s interests.


This is not an entry level position. The Director must be an experienced professional comfortable with running a school, fulfilling Virginia licensing requirements, managing basic finances, overseeing student recruitment and admissions, and hiring and supervising staff that can comfortably fit and operate well within the school environment and culture. The Director will receive support and, if necessary, training to be able to take control of the management of the school and its academic programs. Kay School is the outgrowth of a pioneering and quite successful arts- and project-based program with a strong environmental dimension. It is still evolving, but has good connections with and the support of seasoned professionals in the field.

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K-2nd Grade Lead Teacher


Naturally Grown School, Mills River NC (near Asheville NC)

Start Date: August 24, 2020

We are looking for a driven, bright and joyful educator to join our small school community. We work to incorporate the farm and all it has to offer into our work with the children and their educational lives. Our small school has three teachers and a total of 16 students, The students are broken into two multi age groups. Our staff works together to support one another in their work. Though planning and implementation of lessons for each age group is done independently, we work together on many projects.
We have a prek-K grade teacher, a 1 st – 2nd grade teacher and a Spanish teacher, each age group receives an hour of Spanish daily.- Students attend 8:30-2:30, with teacher contact hours from 8-3 Teachers are responsible for many administrative duties, including, but not limited to website upkeep, admissions, parent communication about inclement weather-

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Change the World: Now Hiring Infant, Toddler & Preschool Teachers!


Seeds of Wonder Journey School
Roswell, GA USA

Start Date: May 15, 2020

Make a Difference in the Lives of Children and Families While Having FUN as Part of a Collaborative Team!


Are you a reflective, experienced teacher who is interested in helping to shape a new progressive school for children ages 12 weeks through 6 years old? If so, Seeds of Wonder Journey School is looking for you! We are looking for teachers to start ASAP and also gathering resumes for summer and next school year – Please indicate in your cover letter when you are available to begin working.

Looking for caring, patient, creative, energetic infant, toddler & preschool teachers! 9-5:30 (7:15-3:45 available on a limited basis) Monday-Friday with 12 PTO days/year! This schedule may change as the needs of the school change. Our licensed ratio is 4:1 in our infant room with a maximum of 9 children, but we tend to maintain 3:1 and a max of 8, 5:1 in our toddler class with a maximum of 10 children, 6:1 in early preschool with a maximum of 12 children and 7:1 in our Mixed Age PreK with a maximum of 12.

If you are an educator with a passion for working with young children and their families AND you have the drive and dedication to join a team of professional, collaborative educators in crafting a brand new Reggio inspired school to serve Roswell and the Northern suburbs of Atlanta, then Seeds of Wonder Journey School invites you to submit your resume for consideration!

Seeds of Wonder opened in October of 2018 with 3 classrooms, and will grow to up to 8 classrooms over the next 3 years. Currently 33 students attend SOWJS. We are licensed for 47 children, with an ability to grow to 69 children. This is a unique opportunity to help shape the foundation of a new school…and to make a difference in the lives of the children and families with whom we will work.

Our Mission: Childhood is sacred time. At Seeds of Wonder Journey School, children learn about their world by engaging their natural curiosities and creativity, and are guided to become socially capable problem solvers in a progressive Jewish environment.

Families have the option of enrolling their child/ren either full time or part time. Seeds of Wonder is ideal for families who are looking for a loving, respectful, high quality environment where children learn and develop through inquiry and play. Our school philosophy is inspired by the schools for young children in Reggio Emilia, Italy and is influenced by Constructivist Theory and Howard Gardener’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. We seek to create a diverse community by valuing and honoring children and families of all backgrounds.

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