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Early Childhood Teacher


Whittle School & Studios
Brooklyn, NY

Start Date: July 6, 2020

Description, Responsibilities, & Duties

Our Early Childhood Teachers are inspired by the Reggio Emilia model grounded in student autonomy and discovery of the world, demonstrating practices that reflect this approach by encouraging student independence, spontaneity, curiosity, and by always asking more questions than giving answers. Respect for our young learners is at the core of our Early Learning program. The Early Childhood Teacher collaborates with, and is supported by, the Early Childhood Associate Teacher. Mandarin speaking ELC teachers drive immersive bilingual education teaching for our youngest learners.

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements

Qualifications and Attributes
The Early Childhood Teacher will be inspired by the Reggio Emilia model grounded in student autonomy and discovery of the world. Respect for our young learners is at the core of the Early Learning program.

Content and Education Expertise
• Bachelor’s degree BA/BS in specific field or post graduate work in subject matter required
• Master’s level degree or above in content area preferred
• Linguistic proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and English for the Mandarin immersion positions; English with Mandarin highly desirable for other roles
• Minimum 3 years of teaching experience, preferably in an independent school environment, and in an early learning program

Continuous and Self-Reflective Learner
• Actively and systematically pursues professional growth in content mastery, pedagogical skills, and as a responsible local and global community member
• Participates in professional learning communities, grade-level teams, and other collaborative communities to design and plan instructions, to improve practice, and to achieve student outcomes

Individual and Team Contributor
• Models positive behaviors for students and colleagues that align with the school’s core values, emphasizing critical social and emotional skills such as empathy, humility, and ethics
• Monitors his/her own belief and behavior to make certain that high expectations are expected of all students regardless of socioeconomic status, race, gender, or other personal characteristics
• Maintains professional collegial relationships that encourage sharing, planning, and working together toward improved instructional skill and student success

Entrepreneurial, Innovative, & Growth Mindset
• Passion for innovation in education and for our youngest learners
• Drive and energy to thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment

Salary & Benefits

Whittle School & Studios provides market competitive salaries for all our staff, as well as employee benefits which include, where applicable, Medical, Dental, Life and Disability Insurance.

Application Procedures

Please apply for this position through our Whittle online portal,

Program Description

Our Early Learning Center focuses on developing students age three to six. At this age and division level, faculty use immersive language techniques and engage in mind and body awareness activities. They also structure community learning and choice time, project work, outside exploration, story time, workshop time, arts, and making. Our early learning programs is based on the Reggio Emilia principles of respect, responsibility, and community. This approach recognizes the image of the individual child as a human with rights who has limitless potential for growth and uses Emergent Curriculum to co-create learning experiences that are derived from student interest and responses to provocations in the environment. Project-Based Learning and Mastery-Based Progression are used as frameworks within the Emergent Curriculum to work actively with hands, minds, and emotions in the context of the many expressive languages of children. Whittle is also inspired by key tenets of Reggio Emilia, including participation of families, collegial work of all personnel, the environment as the third teacher, group work, and the presence of an atelier.

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