Conference FAQs

What is included in a NAREA conference?


Unless otherwise stated in promotional materials, the conference includes either 2 or 3 days of professional development with featured speakers from Reggio Emilia, Italy, conference materials, lunches, and light snacks. Transportation is provided for conference activities such as school visits, encounters with exhibitions and ateliers, and local cultural experiences.

It is the responsibility of the participant to arrange his/her transportation to/from the airport as well as to/from the conference venue each day. Hotel accommodations are not included in the registration fee.

What features can I expect at the conference?


The program varies from conference to conference, but typically includes: presentations and reflections by noted representatives from Reggio Emilia and/or North America, school visits, small group discussions, encounters with exhibitions and ateliers, and local cultural experiences. Please keep in mind that the content has been developed based on the title of the conference. No single conference will address every aspect of Reggio Emilia’s six decades of experiences. Featured speakers often present in Italian followed by an English interpretation. For some, it might take a moment to adjust to this process. Many find that the Italian portion of the presentation gives additional time to take notes.

Is the conference program available in advance?

Final Program

Typically, the program is finalized in the week prior to the conference. NAREA includes the final program with a logistics email in the days before the conference. Please be sure to monitor your email, spam, junk, and promotions folders.

A printed copy of the conference program will be in the folder you receive at conference check-in.

When does the conference begin and end?


In our promotional materials, the first day’s start time and the last day’s end time can be used for travel planning purposes. As NAREA works with the local host and Reggio educators, a more specific breakdown of each day is developed. This detailed program will be sent to registrants in the days before the conference.

How do I register?

Methods of Payment

There is a page on the NAREA website where you can register digitally. You may also register by purchase order or check.

Credit card

Visa, MasterCard, American Express


Checks should be made out to NAREA and payable in U.S. funds only.

Purchase Order

To secure conference registration(s) with a purchase order, please print out a conference registration form for each registrant and send it in with a copy of the purchase order. Full payment or a purchase order from your school or organization must be submitted to secure a registration. It is not possible to register online when paying by check or purchase order.

Registration forms are available upon request. Please contact: NAREA

How do I register a group?

We Can Help

While it is possible to register your group online, many find it easier to call our office for assistance or to email completed registration forms for the group to NAREA.

It is imperative that NAREA receives a unique email address for each participant to ensure each participant can access logistical and program information prior to the conference. We are always happy to copy an administrator or other representative upon request.

What communications should I expect after I register?

Confirmation, Receipt, Logistics, and Program

As soon as your registration is processed, you will receive an on-screen confirmation message and an email containing your receipt. A week or two before the conference, you will receive a logistics email, which will include final information on conference specifics and the program.

What is the cancellation policy?

Meet the Deadline

Each conference has a cancellation deadline stated on the conference and registration pages of our website. A written request must be received by the cancellation deadline in order for the registration fee to be refunded. There is a $50.00 per registrant fee for all cancellations. It is always possible to transfer a paid registration to another by contacting the office to change the name of the registrant.

Do you accommodate vegetarian and other special meal requests?

We Try

We do our best to arrange vegetarian meals. Please be sure to check the vegetarian option when registering for the conference. We are not able to provide for all meal preferences. However, if you have life-threatening food allergies, please contact the NAREA office to discuss meal alternatives. If you have other dietary restrictions, please plan accordingly.

Are conference venues accessible for people with disabilities?

Whenever Possible

Because our conferences are held in different locations each time, accessibility will vary. If you have questions about the accessibility of a particular conference, please contact us for more information.

What should I wear to the conference?

Be Comfortable

Due to the varied nature of conference venues, distances between spaces, and weather, we suggest you wear layered clothing for comfort and flexibility. Comfortable shoes for walking are recommended.

What about hotel accommodations?

Depends on Venue

Whenever possible, we reserve a limited block of hotel rooms for conference participants. The hotels are listed on our website, and it is the responsibility of participants to make reservations for themselves. We encourage all participants to research for the hotel that fits their financial and travel needs. We will do our best to note the distance from the hotels to the conference venue.

Does NAREA make special arrangements for those traveling alone?

Message Board

Anyone traveling alone is encouraged to visit the local area table at the conference where members of the hospitality committee will welcome you. Small group discussions, lunchtime, and optional evening events are good opportunities to meet people and network. Participants are welcome to use the NAREA Facebook or Instagram pages before the conference to connect with others. Message boards are also available in the conference registration area of each conference. You can use them to seek out participants from your region.

Is it possible to receive continuing education units (CEUs) for attending the conference?

Local Universities

Whenever possible, we provide participants with the option of obtaining CEUs by contacting local universities in advance. If CEUs are offered, you will find instructions and payment information in the final logistics email.

Will livestream webinars be available as a recording?

Not Usually

The recorded contents of webinars offered in collaboration with Reggio Children remain the property of Reggio Children. NAREA does not possess the recorded content. So, no, webinar recordings will not be made available and should not be recorded by participants due to privacy and copyright laws.

Is it permissible to take photos of presentations and schools?

Generally Not

Taking photographs of exhibitions or conference presentations offered by representatives from Reggio Emilia is not permitted. Each school has its own policy about photography by those outside their community. These situations are due to privacy and copyright issues associated with images from the early childhood programs in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and North American communities.

Will there be anything to purchase at the conference?

You Bet

As North American distributor of Reggio Children resources, we bring a wide collection of those resources to every in-person conference. Publications, resource materials, and other items are available for purchase by credit card, check, or cash.

Does NAREA offer scholarships to attend a conference?

Host Community’s Discretion

Yes, NAREA offers each host community 20 scholarships to be distributed at the host community’s discretion. Additionally, NAREA awards scholarships to the first person registered for a conference and to schools with the largest group of educators participating in a conference. In our first 20 years, NAREA donated 750 scholarships following these strategies. NAREA does not offer scholarships outside these parameters.

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