Innovations Volume 27

Number 1



A Hundred Languages of Children, a Hundred Years of Loris Malaguzzi, and a Hundred Years of Gianni Rodari

by Reggio Children


Remembering Loris Malaguzzi:
An Interview with Lella Gandini

by Barbara Acton, Karyn Callaghan, and Jeanne Goldhaber


Project Infinity:
Forming Relationships with New Teachers

by Margie Cooper, Candace Dupree, Patty Randall, and Susan Redmond


Early Explorations of the Reggio Emilia Approach in the United States:
An Interview with Karen Haigh

by Karen Haigh, Juana Reyes, and Gigi Yu


An Invitation to Participate in a Teacher Research Collaborative:
Children and Trees in Relationship – Reflecting Together

by Jeanne Goldhaber for RIVET 2.0


A Tree Story from China

by Zhiying Gao


The 11th NAREA Winter Conference – “Defending Thoughtful Learning, Human Competence, and Human Dignity”

by NAREA Conference Team


Book Review of
Loris Malaguzzi and the Teachers: Dialogues on Collaboration and Conflict Among Children, Reggio Emilia 1990

by John Nimmo





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