Innovations Volume 30

Number 2



Fueling Optimism For Our Collective Futures

by Margie Cooper


Quality Education: The Answer to Emergencies in the World

by Carla Rinaldi


Quality Education, a Global Challenge

by Fondazione Reggio Children – Centro Loris Malaguzzi


What We Hold of Value in Our Lives: Traditions in Partnership with Parents

by Kristin Brizzolara Vázquez and Peter Brown


Creative Documentation: Making My Research Lens Visible

by Andrew Hauner


NAREA Networks of Networks: Spring 2022–2023

by Paola Hohenadel, Melissa Kolinsky, and Brooke Brown


Tributes to Carol Bersani


The 14th NAREA Winter Conference – “Educational Research: An Essential and Ethical Dimension in the Life of Children and Adults”

by NAREA Staff


Book Review of A Festive Thought: Visual Metaphor in Children’s Learning Processes

by Dona Sosa


Call for Proposals 2024 Peer-reviewed Issue of Innovations: The Reciprocity of Practice and Theory





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