Innovations FAQs

What is Innovations?

NAREA’s Journal

Innovations in Early Education: The International Reggio Emilia Exchange is the journal of NAREA. It is published three times annually. It was created in 1992 through an agreement between Loris Malaguzzi, founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach, and Eli Saltz, then-director of the Merrill-Palmer Institute, Wayne State University. NAREA became publisher in 2012.

Articles within Innovations include contributions from educators and other representatives from Reggio Emilia, North America, and global colleagues. There is an open call for submissions to the spring and summer issues. The fall issue is peer-reviewed with the call announced in June.

How can I subscribe to Innovations?

I Want Article-Length Resources

With the exception of libraries, Innovations is not available by individual subscription. All subscribing NAREA members receive Innovations as a benefit.

Where can I purchase Innovations?


All subscribing NAREA members receive Innovations as a benefit. Sometimes, select issues of Innovations are sold in the NAREA shop.

How can I become an author for Innovations?

Multiple Voices are Valued

Innovations maintains an open call for submissions. Please see the Innovations Page for process and contact information.

Is Innovations Peer-Reviewed?

Collaboration Encouraged

One issue annually is peer-reviewed. NAREA is grateful for the participation of a wide group of colleagues in North America who serve as consulting editors and reviewers. For more information about the peer-reviewed process, visit the Innovations Page.

I am a member of NAREA, but I haven’t yet received my Innovations periodical.
When should I expect it?

Delivery Varies

Innovations is published three times annually in the spring, summer, and fall. As this periodical is sent out via bulk mail, there can be significant differences in shipment times to different regions of North America and around the world. Please contact Thresa Grove, if you have not received your issue.

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