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Early Childhood Educator (learning with ages 3-5)


The Morningside School
Carrboro, NC

Start Date: August 15, 2023

Description, Responsibilities, & Duties

Among other things that come up, some of the main duties of a teacher at Morningside School will be:
–care for, learn and teach with children ages 3-5
–work closely with co-teacher to observe and reflect on what we see the children doing
–share in the documentation of the learning and experiences that are observed
–take these observations and work with the co-teacher to construct and offer an ever-growing and expanding curriculum based on observations made and assessments done of the children’s interests and needs
–attend pre-school year functions such as community potluck and home visits
–attend special functions throughout the school year such as parent/teacher conferences and art show or other community events
–keep CPR training up to date for as long as employed at MSS
–attend continuing education classes throughout the year to further one’s own learning (cost to be covered by MSS)

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements

For a teacher to be the ideal fit for the Morningside School, she/he/they will share the values included in our school description about how children learn, and will demonstrate a passion for engaging in this learning and teaching process with children and a co-teacher. Teachers will have a strong commitment to the social and emotional development of children, and will speak to children and interact with them accordingly. Teachers will show respect and care for children, working together with the children and the co-teacher to establish a continually evolving emergent curriculum. Teachers should have a commitment to Anti-bias and Anti-Racist education and be willing to continue both their own learning on this as well as tackle difficult discussions and topics with children and co-teacher.

Teachers should be reliable, trustworthy, caring and kind. They should invest themselves fully in the process of creating a community of learning while they are at school and while they are planning for or reflecting on school and the children in their care. Teachers should also value and enjoy being outdoors in all weather and be prepared to maintain an environment where children feel engaged, comfortable and excited to engage in the outdoors all year long.

Salary & Benefits

–Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 1:00 pm (includes time for set up and cleanup) with potential for one day to extend to 3 pm
–Three hours of paid planning weekly (one of which is to be meeting with co-teacher)
–One paid sick day per month
–Two weeks paid vacation over the school’s scheduled winter break
–One week paid vacation over the school’s scheduled spring break
–Monthly Salary: $2,600 to be paid on the 5th of each month beginning in September and ending with the May payment. Monthly pay reflects 28 hours/week, some will be a couple more, some less depending on planning, documentation and community events
–Opportunity to work summer camps as the teacher wishes
–Opportunity for professional development

Application Procedures

Please send resume and a letter of teaching philosophy along with two letters of recommendation or contact information for two references to

Program Description

The Morningside School is looking for an early childhood educator to work with children ages 3-5 years old and a co-teacher in an early learning environment. This part time position is open to candidates interested in Inquiry based learning, Reggio and play based learning, as well as Nature and Outdoor education.

Morningside school believes that education should be engaging, inspiring and fun. We believe children learn best when they are doing, feeling and actively participating in the learning process. We believe children are natural explorers, learners, investigators, and players. As they are exploring and moving through the world, they are taking pieces of what they see and do and integrating it into their minds and hearts. We believe teachers and parents are the partners in this learning, and that part of our teachers’ jobs is to make this learning visible.

In accordance with our beliefs, we offer a very hands-on, emergent curriculum with daily opportunities to explore a wide range of materials, engage in group and individual emergent learning and experience being part of a caring community. Our evolving curriculum is influenced by the ideas of Reggio Emilia schools, particularly that children are competent and natural learners, and that the relationships developed between teachers, students and parents complement and enhance learning.

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Sadie Bauer

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