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Start Date: January 4, 2024

Description, Responsibilities, & Duties

We\’re looking to bring in a passionate and highly qualified educator to work with us as a permanent Preschool Teacher in Guadalajara, MEXICO.

We\’ve built a creative learning community that’s 100% english immersion from early learning to primary school. We thrive on the pillars of knowledge, exploration, friendship, and nature. Our aim is to value all experiences as meaningful learning opportunities.

Our teachers (guides) are childhood investigators, they observe and document the development of the children under their care and are responsible for designing aesthetically pleasing spaces and projects in order to provoke curiosity and learning- always by following the children\’s interests. They work hand in hand with families to free each child\’s unique potential.


· Creates new learning goals and objectives alongside the children
· Liaises with other academic personnel and professionals and participates in different educational conferences, seminars, and meetings
· Works with team members to better the experience of our learning community
· Conducts research to guarantee that the educational processes, teaching methods, and database systems are up-to-date to maintain the quality of education provided to students
· Promotes autonomy and critical thinking
· Creates digital records of activities
· Facilitates age-suitable projects related to the children\’s interests to help them develop abilities and skills, like reading comprehension, writing and storytelling, interpersonal, spatial, problem-solving, and more
· Develops and maintains a secure and comfortable work and learning environment by regularly checking the health, behavior, characteristics, and emotional state of children
· Promotes their interests as well as new passions by exposing them to art, literature, theater, music, dance, sports, and more
· Models expected behaviors, positive attitudes, and discipline
· Maintains confidentiality of records and updates files of children enrolled
· Communicates with parents continuously
· Participates in Guide Trainings and Family Events

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements


– We require at least 2 years experience with 3 to 6 year olds
– Studies and certifications related to Education, Childhood Development, Child Psychology, Reggio Emilia Approach, Montessori, Waldorf, Creative Curriculum, Pedagogy, or similar.
– Creative, responsible, flexible, passionate and hard-working
– Advanced-level English


· Connecting with Children
· Creating Materials
· Emergent Planning
· Observation
· Documentation
· Conflict Resolution
· Organization
· Time Management
· Attention to Detail

Salary & Benefits

We’re a newly built private Reggio Emilia Inspired community focused on transforming education in Mexico and we\’re offering a competitive remuneration package that includes salary and paid holidays.

Lunch is prepared daily by our beloved chef for Guides and Explorers.

The starting salary for this position is $15,000 MXN a month plus a yearly bonus. We\’d love to talk about numbers and reach something we\’re both happy with.

Our schedule covers a 40-45 hour work week that provides a flexible structure that allows time for organizing, meeting with families, and participating in school events.

Application Procedures

Next Steps

1. Fill out the following application:

2. Wait for us to contact you for a virtual interview

3. Welcome to the Team! Job Offer and Training start date

Program Description

Our learning environment is a warm, safe, and joyful setting that recognizes all learners as strong free-thinking individuals. We embark on the journey of reaching our full potential together so we can have a positive impact on the world around us.

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Your support will help us advance the quality of every child's one childhood.

Together, we are empowering exceptional education.