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Lead Teacher


River East School
Atwater Village
Los Angeles, CA

Start Date: August 24, 2020

Description, Responsibilities, & Duties

We are so excited to expand our team and are actively looking for the right candidate to fill both full-time and part-time lead teaching positions at our progressive and innovative preschool, located in Atwater Village!

Our ideal candidate has a diverse skill set and is a true team player; someone with extensive early childhood education experience, a strong command of intentional language, who is an enthusiastic, hands-on leader inspired by working with young children. Background experience in the arts, cooking, nutrition, the Reggio approach, emergent curriculum, play/inquiry-based learning and/or gardening is a huge plus! We prefer applicants to have a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in Early Childhood Development (or equivalent) with experience in the Reggio approach and emergent curriculum, but most importantly are looking for an experienced candidate who has a passion for nurturing young children’s growth.

Our Mission | Philosophy
Our mission is to create an exceptional early childcare environment which focuses on key areas such as social-emotional growth, health, wellness, nutrition, movement, creative exploration, and collaboration, where young children are supported as they learn and grow during a formative period of development. We hope to create a community of conscientious and engaged, life-long learners, who are supported and encouraged to develop their natural interests and abilities to create positive change in the world around them.

We believe education is a journey we chart together. For learning and development to happen organically, it must be communal and symbiotic – meaning the Friends’ curiosities and observations guide our teachers and allow us to develop curriculum together, propelled forward by our experience of the world around us and within us. As one recent alumni said “River East School is where you learn how to be you.”

Key Tenets of our Philosophy
Instead of instructing students, we learn and grow alongside the Friends

We incorporate research-backed principles from the science of wellness, health and mind-body connection into our daily activities and interactions.

We elevate mealtimes by making and serving delicious (and nutritious) organic meals, which is an integral component of our learning process and school experience each day

Each meal is enjoyed while gathered around the table, exchanging ideas, and encouraging adventurous food choices to help facilitate a healthy relationship with food and nutrition.

We favor expansive thought processes and elastic knowledge over fixed information or rote response.

We see children\’s play as intellectual discourse, and a unique language for the expression of ideas, collaboration and movement.

Teachers are meant to encourage and guide play, to help create an optimal environment for socialization and development.

We celebrate “slow” experiences with food, such as baking bread in house, grinding our own flour blends, or heading out to the coop to care for our chickens, and thank them for supplying our school with eggs each day.

We move at each child’s individual pace, and encourage them to not only be self-sufficient, but also to help and guide one another.

We encourage creative collaboration and often work together on collaborative projects, focusing on the process and what we experience as we work together.

We see the environment as the third teacher. Based on this belief, a great deal of care goes into the physical space to make it as cognitively and emotionally engaging as it is aesthetically beautiful.

We consistently refresh the environment based on the friends’ needs and interests.

Our Ideal Candidate | Who You Are

You love to be around children and are energized by their presence.

You have the ability to hold their attention while guiding them throughout the day. You are the ultimate team player and are able to understand the needs of the group while contributing and implementing your own perspective and ideas. You self-identify as a creative or are fascinated by creative individuals and environments.

You are willing to roll up your sleeves and get messy, but are also the type of person to clean up as you go to make sure everything is in its proper place. You have a sense of pride and ownership in your work – you take initiative in getting things done. You are reliable and responsible, especially when it comes to health and safety.

You are an excellent communicator, both in how you speak and how you write – you know how to articulate your thoughts effectively. You have no problem wearing different hats throughout the day depending on what’s needed – from caring for our school chickens to communicating updates with parents.

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements

Lead Teacher | Role & Responsibilities
Full-time position: Monday – Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm*

*School Hours are 8:30AM-4:00PM Monday – Thursday, and 8:30AM-3:00PM Friday, so teachers have 30 minutes at the beginning and end of each school for opening and closing activities each day, and team meetings each Friday

Lead teaching position, working directly with one other lead teacher to care for a maximum of 12 children in a beautiful and fully equipped indoor/outdoor space.

Guide preschool-aged children in emergent-based curriculum

Follow all processes, procedures and our daily schedule to ensure adequate physical activity, rest, and play

Establish and maintain positive relationships with students and parents

Document students’ growth and progress and activity-based play

Daily parent communications updates, using our online platform Procare

Follow all licensing guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all students

Required Qualifications

Previous experience as a preschool teacher, preferably at a school with emergent based curriculum and/or Reggio Emilia inspired

Minimum of 12 Early Childhood Education (ECE) semester units

Minimum of 2 years experience working in a preschool setting with children under the age of 5

A current tuberculosis (TB) test

Proof of immunization clearance – Pertussis, Measles, and the Flu
A background check and LiveScan fingerprint clearance (as required by the Department of Social Services)

CPR, First Aid & Preventative Health Training Certifications

Mandated Reporter Training Certification

Experience with toilet transitional learning and be comfortable managing young children\’s bathroom needs

Additional Qualifications

Passion for working with children

Excellent communicator, understands child development and appropriate language

Professional, but personable communicator with parents and administration.

Impeccable work ethic and takes pride in their work

Positive and patient demeanor.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Excellent vision, ability to pick-up/carry a 25 lb child, and enough joint mobility to physically get down to the child’s level during communication and play.

Desire to be part of an innovative, forward-thinking and artistic approach to education with an elevated aesthetic.

Aware of constructivist curriculum

Continued education-must take 4 (four) workshops/external training per year. This is done after school hours. The atelierista must approve these workshops in advance. The school will reimburse you for these training sessions.

You will be given a packet, with articles, more information about us etc. Please read (and re-read it) to familiarize yourself with our methods.

Salary & Benefits

Hourly starting rate $18/hour – additional pay consideration based on experience

Paid on-site “Teacher In-Service days” held one week prior to the beginning of the school year and one at the end of each month. These days are reserved for staff training, resetting/enriching the physical space/environment, creating documentation, etc.

Paid vacation days as per school closure schedule -Please note that we are a year-round program, with scheduled breaks which include Winter (2 weeks) , Spring (1 week)and Summer (2 weeks)

Periodic performance and compensation reviews

Note: As we grow, we are excited to provide additional benefits and incentives for our employees!

Additional Opportunities for Growth
Since founding the school back in 2017, we’ve had an unbelievable amount of support and interest from the greater community. To help accommodate our growing waitlist, we’ve been working with the city of Los Angeles to expand enrollment and operate as a commercial preschool. After more than two years of working towards this goal, we’ve received approval and have begun construction to reimagine and enhance our school facility. When we reopen for the Fall school year, the school will be a completely transformed space – one that we’ve personally designed and intentionally created for our school community to enjoy! Although we are committed to retaining an intimate, home-like setting regardless of our size, with expansion there is tremendous growth potential for our teaching staff. The lead teacher role can serve as a pathway to managerial/director positions for motivated individuals looking to advance their careers. We have large aspirations and goals for our school and would love to provide our teachers with opportunities to grow and evolve along with us!

Application Procedures

Contact us with your resume and a cover letter highlighting your experience with emergent curriculum and co-constructivist learning.

Program Description

At River East, education is a journey we chart together. The families play a large role in partnering with the school and child to ensure the quality of learning. Therefore, we believe for education to happen organically, it must be communal and symbiotic. The underlying philosophy is that the children, families, and teachers at our school learn and develop together.

We believe the school experience should be a nourishing one, especially for young children. The school\’s philosophy is such that children themselves are philosophers, thinker, doers and incredible friends. As children discover themselves, others and the world, what they may benefit most from is not a school that \”teaches them formally\” but \”inspires and frees them organically\”. We believe a school that nourishes them physically, cognitively and emotionally is most important and it is the educators\’ and parents\’ job to discover how to do this. The school is thus a trusted, child-inspired meeting place for young minds/hearts to express and regenerate themselves each day.

We base our environment and teaching style on the belief in the innate creativity, confidence, and compassion of children. At River East School, we embrace the principle of educere from the Latin root of the English words for education and community. In Latin, educere means to lead out or bring forth. At River East, we aim to cultivate and bring forth the inherent qualities from within each child we serve.

We believe that having a lower student to teacher ratio is integral to ensuring we provide high-quality care and guidance for each child. At River East, our ratios are usually 1:4 with small adjustment during the early and late part of the day when there are typically fewer children. Keeping small ratios enables each child to have attentive care while enabling our teachers to fully implement their individual capabilities and expertise.

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Dina Goldman

Your support will help us advance the quality of every child's one childhood.

Together, we are empowering exceptional education.