Innovations Volume 25

Number 2



A Family of Ateliers: Investing Hope in Creativity and Collaboration

by Nancy Sadler and Valeria Vacchi


Call for Proposals for the September 2019 Peer-Reviewed Issue of Innovations

by NAREA Staff


The 14th NAREA Summer Conference – “Crossing Cultures, Contexts, and Communities”

by NAREA Conference Team


Reflections on the 14th NAREA Summer Conference Ateliers

by Amanda McCracken, Katie Higgins-White, Maggie Van Kamp, Marla McLean, Julie Bernson, Kendra Pelo-Joaquin, Emma Boettcher, and Nora Thompson


Tributes to Carolyn Pope Edwards

by Lella Gandini, George Forman, Brenda Fyfe, Melvin Konner, and John Nimmo





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