2004 Annual Meeting

2004 NAREA Reception Meeting

National Association for the Education of Young Children Conference

Anaheim California

November 11, 2004

Panel Exchange with Lella Gandini, Barbara Bowman, John Nimmo, and Teresa Acevedo

Download the PDF of the proceedings or view photographs of the 2004 NAREA Reception. Lella Gandini is the Reggio Children liaison in the U.S. for the dissemination of the Reggio Emilia approach. Barbara Bowman is one of the faculty founders and past president of the Erikson Institute and chief officer of Chicago Public Schools Office of Early Childhood Education. John Nimmo is a faculty member at the University of New Hampshire and executive director of the University of New Hampshire Child Study and Development Center. Teresa Acevedo is the director of Head Start for Child-Parent Centers of Tucson and the regions south of Tucson. NAREA chose the occasion of this reception to honor Lella Gandini for her work in early childhood education. Barbara, John and Teresa were asked to develop questions for Lella, relevant to her career and Lella was asked to develop questions for each of them, relvant to the context of their work with teachers, children and families. One of NAREA’s goals is to create opportunities for dialogue and exchange among Reggio-inspired educators throughout North America. It is the hope of the NAREA guiding board to establish the tradition of honoring the work of our colleagues during future NAREA annual meetings, and sharing perspectives through panel exchanges, such as the one on November 11, 2004. We welcome your reflections on the 2004 panel exchange and will include them in future postings on the website. Please respond to Judith Allen Kaminsky.
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