2010 Summer Conference

The Sixth NAREA Summer Conference

“Dialogues for Quality in Education – Our Image of Children, Our Image of Teachers, Our Image of Learning, Our Responsibility”

In collaboration with Reggio Children and Crossroads in Chicago

With “The Wonder of Learning – The Hundred Languages of Children” A New Exhibit from Reggio Emilia, Italy – North American Version

June 23-25: Tour of Schools and Conference June 24-25: Conference

Chicago, Illinois

Presentations by Graziano Delrio, Mayor of Reggio Emilia, Italy; Carla Rinaldi, President of Reggio Children and Professor at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia; and Amelia Gambetti, Reggio Children/International Centre Loris Malaguzzi Responsible for Project Promotion and Development, International Coordinator, International Liaison and Consulting:

  • “The Reggio Emilia Approach to Education”
  • “The Pedagogy of Listening”
  • “Our Responsibility with Young Children”
  • “‘The Wonder of Learning – The Hundred Languages of Children’ Exhibit”
  • “Making Learning Visible”

Presentations by North American educators:

  • “A Long and Meaningful Relationship” – Carolyn Pope Edwards, University of Nebraska, Lincoln NE
  • “Clay: Supporting Collaboration and Communication in a K/1 Context” – Sally Hovey, Maplewood-Richmond Heights Early Childhood Center, Maplewood MO
  • “Earth Language: Young Children’s Research on the Details of Life’s Big Questions” – Meredith Dodd and Maureen Condon, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Chicago IL
  • “Embracing the Complexity of Materials with Infants and Toddlers” – Monica Malley and Karen Potyandy, MacDonald Montessori School, St. Paul MN
  • “Embracing the Values of Collaboration and Effort” – Margie Cooper, Inspired Practices in Early Education, Roswell GA; Rosemary New, First Baptist Church Infant-Toddler Program, and Dewanda Martin, First Baptist Church Kindergarten, Greenville SC; Monica Murray, St. Anne’s Day School, and Kristi Cameron, representing Grant Park Cooperative Preschool, Atlanta GA
  • “Encounters with Nature – A Meeting Between Reality and Fantasy: Using Our Context of Miami as a Powerful Resource” – Isabel Coles & Ana Pineda, L’Atelier, Miami FL
  • “Integrating Creative Dance with Children and Teachers” – Dana Mandel, LInda Lullo and Ana Quintanilla, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago IL
  • “The Preschoolers and Jerry: A Partnership Between Children and A Community Artist” – Amanda Terreriand Dee Smith, University of Vermont Campus Children’s Center, Burlington VT
  • “The Study of Gabriel’s Angels: How Pet Therapy Builds a Sense of Community” – Natalia Canalez, KristineRochon and Leonor Lundholm, Child Parent Centers, Inc., Tucson AZ

Additional 2010 NAREA Summer Conference Experiences

  • Tour of “The Wonder of Learning – The Hundred Languages of Children” Exhibit
  • Visits to Chicago Commons, Chicago Public Schools and Christopher House early childhood programs
  • 2010 NAREA Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony: Honoree – Carolyn Pope Edwards; Tributes by Amelia Gambetti and Carla Rinaldi
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